Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bacon Math

Average length of a bacon strip: 6 inches. Inches in a foot: 12. So lets call it 2 bacon strips a foot.There are 5280 Feet in a mile. That means there are 10,560 strips of bacon per mile. On Average, 15% of the weight of a top hog is bacon worthy. An average top hog weight is 265 pounds. That means there are about 40 pounds of bacon per hog. (39.75, I rounded). An average strip of bacon weighs roughly 1oz. On average there are 16 regularly sliced strips of bacon in 1 pound. This means there are 640 strips of luscious bacon per hog. Average Circumference of the earth: 25,000 miles 264,000,000 Strips of bacon laid end to end would circle the earth. if we divided this number by 640, we find that 412,500 hogs would supply the bacon. If we divide 25,000 (earths circumference) by 3.14 we find that the earths diameter is around 7961 miles. Divide this by 2 and we have 3980 miles as our radius. It would take 42,038,216 strips of bacon to extend from our molten core, to earths crust. On average, an American eats bacon 13 times per year. Lets say they eat an average of 3 strips each time. On average, Americans eat 39 strips of bacon a year. If we multiply this number by the current US population we get 11,858,329,236 bacon strips are eaten per year in the US. If we divide this by our bacon earth circumference, we find that the United States eats its way around the earth in bacon 44.19 times a year.

Put it this way: Every week, Americans eat enough bacon strips to circle the earth.


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