Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bacon Donuts

San Francisco is often at the cutting edge of civilization (or decadence, depending on your point of view). I don't know what to call this most recent development, but I know what I like.

SF's Dynamo Donut and Coffee, specializing in what they call "donuts for grown-ups," offers a maple-bacon donut. This game-changer, part of a lineup which includes lesser beignets such as lemon-thyme-honey and banana dulce de leche, has the local Prius-jockeys beating down doors and daily depleting Dynamo's stock by mid-morning.

I thought it was progress when Krispy Kreme came to my area, but now I recognize their donuts for the pathetic pieces of shit they are. I want the real thing, and I want it now.

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